What employees will be in greatest demand among employers in 2019? We put this question to Anna Kurczewska-Formela, Recruitment Department Director at Professional.


Skilled professionals, such as IT/ web developers, IT system architects, analysts, Artificial Intelligence engineers, robot designers, R&D department staff or digital marketing and e-commerce professionals will be the most sought after professionals in 2019 in Poland. Employers will be keen to hire people with experience and proven competencies. Even though employees are becoming more flexible and more often than not can claim to have experience in several professions, in many industries supply simply can’t meet the existing demand. This is why companies will continue to look for increasingly more creative ways to recruit and hire e.g. by creating virtual teams or digital workplaces that will assemble skilled workers inside an e-office. It seems that employers who are able to build working environments that foster creativity and development will have the upper hand in this battle for workers.