Katarzyna Leśniewska is a team leader at Professional and an expert in the automotive industry. She tells us what HR management looks like in the automotive sector.


How do employers in the automotive industry look after their workforce?


Automotive companies mainly want a committed and a loyal workforce. To attract these kinds of people, they offer flexible working hours, enable team members to work remotely, send them to trainings or conferences. One example of how the automotive sector invests in its workforce goes beyond the most popular employee benefits, like gym membership, life or healthcare insurance plans; companies in this industry increasingly more opt to set up physical and mental wellness programs, and even spiritual wellness programs for their workforce. They expand their offer in this area to entice potential job seekers, reinforce team commitment and maintain positive employer branding.


What is the purpose of the non-wage benefits? Why are automotive companies using them so broadly and readily?


The purpose of non-wage benefits is not only to support recruiting, but also to differentiate the company’s job offers from those of competitors. These kinds of benefits represent a sort of a signpost for job seekers that says this is a friendly company with a focus on building employee relations and investing in reinforced workforce commitment. This proves particularly relevant for people who are newcomers to the job market and possess significant expectations of employers. Employees appreciate this support that enables them to pursue active leisure activities or passions after work. As a result, automotive companies readily rely on non-wage benefits for their workforces because they represent one of the best ways of retaining key talent. Moreover, these benefits help motivate and boost productivity of the workforce, build employer branding and drive interest in available vacancies.


What sorts of initiatives and benefits can people who are only starting out in the automotive industry expect? Are they eligible to receive these benefits from day one?


People who’ve opted to pursue a career in the automotive industry, particularly by working for multinational companies, can increasingly more expect to become eligible to receive multiple benefits packages from the very beginning. The non-wage benefits include: healthcare, life insurance or paid gym membership. Even newhires can become eligible to apply for various benefits packages e.g. by receiving discounts on cinema tickets, meals or entertainment events. Oftentimes they also get to work flexible hours or work from home (home office). The non-wage benefits I’ve listed are slowly yet surely becoming a standard in smaller organizations.