Employer branding

We offer professional assistance to companies around building their corporate image as a desirable and contemporary employer (employer branding). When faced with a shortage of talent in the job market, companies must take great care to ensure they project the right image to be able to attract the best candidates, and then to retain them. It’s best to let professionals do this for you.

Advantages of using employer branding building by external specialists:

  • 01

    increasing the pool of candidates
    interested in working for your company

  • 02

    attract talents

  • 03

    reduce recruitment costs

  • 04

    minimize employee turnover

  • 05

    boost employee commitment and loyalty

  • 06

    good adaptation of candidates
    to the culture of the organization

  • 07

    your company’s image built by professionals

3 steps to successful employer branding

It is an analysis of the employer's brand, selection of a tailored strategy and its implementation.
The EB services we offer include:

3 areas

  • 01

    support of recruitment for specific positions

  • 02

    long-term building of employer’s image

  • 03

    communication initiatives

Our activities will become a real support both in long-term building of the employer's image and in permanent recruitment for specific positions in your organization.