White-collar outsourcing

White-collar outsourcing is a tailor-made service that involves taking over from the client both the employment and management of individual employees as well as entire departments, such as HR, call center and others. In the model of cooperation based on outsourcing, the company entrusts us with full responsibility for the employee - from the moment of employment to the end of cooperation. Thanks to this service, the client gains confidence in professional performance of employment duties, frees internal resources and reduces costs, while at the same time being able to focus on the development of its core business.

Advantages of opting for white-collar outsourcing:

  • 01

    reduction of overhead costs

  • 02

    HR & payroll handled externally

  • 03

    process optimization

  • 04

    support around personnel consultancy

  • 05

    care of an experienced HR consultant

  • 06

    management of employee absences

  • 07

    access to HRM portal – LeasingTeam Group’s proprietary HR & payroll platform

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