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    we will find you a rewarding job

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    custom-tailored approach

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    support at each stage of the recruiting process

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    attractive jobs you won’t find on other recruiting platforms

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    a choice of global brands and local companies

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    career development advice

Why is it worth working with us?

  • 15 years
    on the market
  • Offices
    in the largest cities
    in Poland
  • Experienced
    recruiting experts
  • We work
    with global brands
    and local companies

When you succeed, so do we!

When you send us your CV, you can rest assured that we will closely analyze it. We won’t reject your application just because you’re six months short on the four years of experience that’s required. We will make every effort to find you a job among the many available, that you will be fully happy with and that will promote your career development.

Please check out all our jobs. If you don’t find anything you’re currently interested in, send us your CV. We will get back to you when we’re looking for a candidate with your qualifications.