Our Group’s strength is integrated services

LeasingTeam Group provides its Clients with a comprehensive range of human resources services. With the group’s support, Clients are able to manage their production workforce and internal staff more efficiently and smoothly, onboard staff, manage teams via goals, build internal and external employer branding, source staff to fill positions at different organizational levels, form effective teams.

Capital Group LeasingTeam (GK LeasingTeam) is the country’s largest, 100% Polish-owned group of personnel consultancy companies supporting businesses and job seekers with innovative solutions for over ten years. GK LeasingTeam delivers strategic human resources management projects to Polish and global companies, mid-sized enterprises and public agencies. GK LeasingTeam specializes in permanent recruitment, temp work, process & function outsourcing, IT staff outsourcing, human resources management optimization, transnational placement/ secondment of employees and in sourcing Eastern European workers for its Clients. GK LeasingTeam provides nationwide services via a network of offices and agencies in addition to having a presence in Germany, Austria and Norway. Every month, we place nearly 10 thousand workers with our Clients.

  • LeasingTeam

    The company delivers strategic human resources management projects to Polish and global enterprises, mid-sized businesses and public agencies. LeasingTeam specializes in temp work, employee outsourcing, outsourcing of processes and functions and in human resources management optimizing. To find out more, please visit us at leasingteam.pl

  • LeasingTeam Professional

    LeasingTeam Professional supports Polish and global enterprises in sourcing key talent. The company specializes in permanent recruiting for mid- and senior level positions. It successfully sources applicants via direct search and a proprietary recruiting process methodology called ASSET: Analysis > Strategy > Selection > Evaluation > Target. Professional recruits for Sales & Marketing, HR & Administration, Transportation & Logistics, Engineering & Production, SSC/BPO, Retail, Finance & Accounting positions. Visit as at ltprofessional.pl    

  • IT LeasingTeam

    In addition to developing and implementing advanced IT process outsourcing solutions, IT LeasingTeam also provides services in sourcing top-class professionals and managers for the IT industry. IT LeasingTeam supports corporate business processes boosting their flexibility and enabling them to build competitive advantage. Want to know more? Please visit us at itlt.pl

  • CPC Consulting Group

    CPC Consulting Group has been part of GK LeasingTeam since April 2016, expanding its portfolio to include transnational worker placement services. The company has been placing highly skilled blue collar workers and technicians and entry level and mid-level employees to work in Germany, Austria and Norway. With its expert insight, including excellent expertise in EU directives and regulations, and experience in working with foreign clients, CPC Consulting Group is able to guarantee fast access to a skilled Polish workforce and compliance with regulations. Please see more at cpcgroup.pl