A job interview is the most pivotal stage of the entire recruitment process. We have provided a number of guidelines for you below that are worth following to impress your recruiter during an interview.


1. Get to know the company you want to work for well

Do research about it, and find out its operating principles. You can find these on its website or from industry press. By learning more about the company you will get to show you are not here by accident and that you’re committed to and confident about your application.


2. Prepare yourself to handle questions recruiters frequently ask

During an interview, you are sure to be asked questions like: “Why do you want to work for this company”, “What are your strengths/ weaknesses?”, “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?”. Think about how you’d like to respond and remember to be truthful.


3. Remember to project the right image during an interview

In line with the saying that “people judge the book by its cover”, how you look will be important. Your attire and accessories, hair style and make-up need to be appropriate for the occasion. You should look neat and professional. Avoid wearing bright colors and looking too casual.


4. Be on time

Punctuality is one of the more important employee traits. Leave early enough to be a little ahead of your appointment time without the need for rushing. Take into account any potential obstacles you may encounter on the way that you have no control over. Being on time also means you don’t arrive too early – coming half an hour before your scheduled interview time won’t look good.


5. Fine-tune your self-presentation and eloquence

Try and not use street language that may otherwise feature frequently in your speech. Remember, it’s not only your competencies but the way you talk about them that matters during an interview. In spite of how stressful a job interview can be, try and control your tone of voice.


6. Overcome stress

Try and find out what the recruitment process in the company you’re applying to looks like. This will help you prepare and will help alleviate stress. The day before your interview try and relax. Try and remain calm and reduce your stress levels so you have the right energy levels the next day.


7. Set salary expectations before an interview

To avoid being cornered, think what salary level you’d be happy with ahead of time. Prepare to discuss money; whilst everyone finds talking about money awkward, you will most likely be asked about it during your interview. Take into account your experience, your industry’s and region’s salary levels. You can give a specific amount, but if you want to negotiate, stick to a salary range instead.


8. Prepare the questions you want to ask your recruiter

You will get to ask questions during a job interview. Whether or not you ask questions will help determine your level of commitment and your awareness of the role you are applying for in the organization. Your questions may have to do with the size of the team you would work with or the career path.


Once you’ve followed this advice, all that’s left to do for us is to wish you good luck with your job interview!